Sunday, October 18, 2015

Solar Signage

 A customer asks you to install a sign out on the corner of an existing lot. No problem. As you do a survey you notice there's no power available. What to do? Call an electrician to get a quote to run power is what most think of.

Trenching through parking lots and laying down conduit, pulling wire hundreds of feet away can be very costly. What about the interruption in your customers business taking weeks to finish the job.

What if I told you there was another way that's cheaper, faster and can even increase the signs visibility. Sounds to good to be true right? Well not anymore.

Solar power signage is a real option. A solar kit can be fitted to most directional, monument and pylon signs. It's easy to install normally takes less than a few hours.

Few benefits to running a solar sign.

No electrical permit.

No License Journeyman needed to install it.

Working right out of the shop.

Signage is about getting noticed. A solar panel on a sign gets noticed!

It makes a statement to your clients customers that this business is renewable energy conscious.

At Solarledkits we are the only solar lighting company that design and build solar kits for signage. Our custom solar panel size is designed to fit signage, our parellel battery systems are designed to fit inside signage. Solar signage is now being preferred over line power in alot of situations.

When your competition doesn't even offer a solar lighting option and you do you immediately gain an advantage.

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