Sunday, October 18, 2015

Solar Signage

 A customer asks you to install a sign out on the corner of an existing lot. No problem. As you do a survey you notice there's no power available. What to do? Call an electrician to get a quote to run power is what most think of.

Trenching through parking lots and laying down conduit, pulling wire hundreds of feet away can be very costly. What about the interruption in your customers business taking weeks to finish the job.

What if I told you there was another way that's cheaper, faster and can even increase the signs visibility. Sounds to good to be true right? Well not anymore.

Solar power signage is a real option. A solar kit can be fitted to most directional, monument and pylon signs. It's easy to install normally takes less than a few hours.

Few benefits to running a solar sign.

No electrical permit.

No License Journeyman needed to install it.

Working right out of the shop.

Signage is about getting noticed. A solar panel on a sign gets noticed!

It makes a statement to your clients customers that this business is renewable energy conscious.

At Solarledkits we are the only solar lighting company that design and build solar kits for signage. Our custom solar panel size is designed to fit signage, our parellel battery systems are designed to fit inside signage. Solar signage is now being preferred over line power in alot of situations.

When your competition doesn't even offer a solar lighting option and you do you immediately gain an advantage.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

The Solar Beast™  takes aim at the electrical sign industry.

Interestingly enough most people in the electrical sign industry don't even realize solar powered signage is even a possibility. The old ways of thinking are still to trench across parking lots or long distances and shovel out the cash to electrical contractors. 

Three different advancing technologies makes solar a real solution now for commercial signage. 

Solar panels  
Solar Panels are down to record low prices and are only going to continue to drop. The hybrid cells look very promising at provide very high efficiency's

 Hybrid Solar Cells Promise More Than 95% Efficiency

They are getting brighter and are drawing less power. Think about what the leds look like a fews years ago and now you go into Home Depot and there everywhere. Image the next 5 years where they will be at. Total global lighting market revenues will grow to $150 billion a year by 2020.

LED Technology Growth Poised to Explode 


Tesla’s New Battery Will Make Lithium Ion the Next AA

Raghu Belur, co-founder of solar power systems company Enphase Energy, there’s little question that batteries will become commodified. “Absolutely without a doubt,” he says. “Drive down the Valley and you’ll probably find 50 companies working on different chemistry.”
He compares the fate of batteries to that of solar panels themselves, which have become dramatically more affordable in recent years. “When we entered the market in 2006, there was a lot of focus and investment on the panel,” he says. “Eight years down the road, panels are commoditized, and the intelligence is in everything but the panel.” 

 With these three emerging technologies it makes sense that solar is going to take a huge leap forward in the exterior lighting market. 

 The Solar Beast

Fully self-contained solar powered box. capable of producing 60 watts for 5hrs a night for 12v lighting sources. It's custom size and unique design make it perfect for commercial signage wanting to be ran on solar or for a portable system to take off grid. Can be purchased with an optional 400 watt inverter. It's really as simple as mounting to the top of a sign and drilling a hole down threw the bottom and hooking up your led lights.